Transfer movies to iPad without using iTunes

Transfer movies to iPad without using iTunes. Apple has many cool products, but when it comes to iTunes, then I just give up. Maybe it’s just me?, but I think iTunes is far too complex, cumbersome and time consuming to use. Furthermore, you can only play movies in the MP4 format, which in my case means, that I need to convert all my movies that for the most part are in AVI format.

With these things in mind, I have been looking for an easy way to transfer movies from my computer to my iPad, without using iTunes, and a way to play other formats than MP4. I found an app called Playable Pro that meets my requirements for simplicity and functionality.

Playable Pro

Playable Pro can transfer movies from computer to iPad and iPhone via Wi-Fi, and it plays a variety of the common video formats, without any conversion. The transfer of data from the computer takes a few minutes and is done through your web browser, without the need for iTunes.

Playable Pro can be downloaded in the App Store, and the price is about 2$. The app is also available in a free version, but due to the annoying ads, I recommend that you choose the Pro version.

Transfer movies to iPad without iTunes

Before you begin, make sure that your iPad and computer are connected to the same wireless network.

Transfer movies to iPad without using iTunes

Open Playable Pro on your iPad and tap Wifi Transfer. Now you will see an IP address that you must write in your computer’s browser. In this case, the IP address is

Transfer movies to iPad without using iTunes

Click on Upload Files -> Select Files and select the movie you want to transfer to your iPad. Then click Upload Files. Now the movie will be copied to your iPad. You can keep track of the transmission, and the size of the file.

When the download is complete, this message appears on your computer screen – SERVER_STATUS_SUCCESS

I have experienced that the connection between the computer and the iPad, could not be established, but a reboot of my router solved the problem.

Go back to your iPad and press Stop Server.

Transfer movies to iPad without using iTunes

Playable Pro will attempt to discover which movies you’ve uploaded, and display a small image (thumbnail) from the movie. If the correct movie is found, press Yes, otherwise just select No. It does not affect the playback of the movie. Touch the movie to start playing.

By running your finger across a movie title from right to left, it allows you to search for subtitles, change the movie title and erase the movie.

Upload movies directly from Dropbox

If you have movies stored in Dropbox, you can download them directly to your iPad, without using your computer. The transfer takes a bit longer, but you don’t have to turn the computer  on every time you need to transfer a movie.

Tap the Dropbox icon in Playable Pro and establish contact with your Dropbox account. When access to Dropbox is created, tap the Dropbox icon again and tap the movie you want transfer to your iPad, and then the download starts.

Get Playable Pro in the App Store

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